How much money is received for Cleveland Elementary?
The school receives approximatley $26,923 each year and the School Community Council plans and monitors the use of this moeny to meet school goals. 
Who is the School Community Council and what do they do?
How would I become involved?
Where do I find information about the council at my school?
What is the time commitment?
Why do parents participate? Does it matter that I participate?
Helpful Information
2019-2020 Meeting Schedule
All meetings take place on Monday starting @ 2:30 in the Faculty Lounge at Cleveland Elementary.

Proposed Meeting Schedule for 2019-2020

Monday, Oct. 7th
Monday, Nov. 4th
Monday, Feb. 3rd
Monday, March 2nd
Monday, April 13th
2018-2019 Final Report of School Trustland Plan
Rules of Order and Procedure
2018-19 Meeting Schedule
2019-2020 TSSI School Plan
2019-2020 School Trustland Plan for Cleveland Elementary
Summary of 2018-2019 School Trustland Plan for Cleveland Elementary
Faculty/Staff Members
  • Bridgit Grimm: (435) 749-2314  
  • Jenny Gagon: (435) 650-0758
Parent Members
  • Anita Sitterud: (435) 749-0277:
  • Brydi Sharp: (435) 749-0227:
  • Julie Woodhouse: (435) 630-5023:
  • Vicki Rasmussen: (435) 749-2529